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This unit of  Improagro SAS.  offers solutions for:

  1. CIRCULAR ECONOMIES: Green technologies in self-generation or energy through the use of improved biomass and production processes using nanotechnology with zero emissions respecting the environment.
  2. INFORMATION SYSTEMS: Specialized software for the agro-industrial sector, using the latest information technologies innovating whit artificial intelligence.
Improagro Technology



Information system
for production plants

This system allows you to centralize and digitize the information from the areas of production, maintenance and laboratory scale by correlating information from each of them.


Information system for the management of industrial maintenance.

This system management and maintenance of machinery and plant equipment both mobile equipment is made.


Information system for management and control of crops.

This system is responsible for consolidating the information collected by the agronomic department officials in the field to its corresponding validation and publication.


Improagro Technology Experience