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Advice and Consultancy

Improagro SAS unit, focused mainly on the improvement, efficiency and growth of the field, being its strategic ally in meeting the needs and results of agriculture in the fields of nanotechnology, in addition to forestry activities (bonds) and carbon credits. 


Improvement, Efficiency and Growth of Business


General accompaniment in the field based on cutting-edge innovative technologies in the field of agriculture based on Nanotechnology, specializing in each crop and specialty, generating organic, ecological, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products (green seal) and safety human


Design, structuring and implementation of special projects in integral forest management from the environmental point of view, including carbon bonds with species suitable for their development, reproduction and conservation of forests.

Evaluation of the economic and financial viability of forestry projects


Trading operations and / or brokerage of oils and fats, flowers, wood among others.


Improagro Consulting Experience